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Like the classic symbiote Venom. Once this stuff enters your body…..You will change! You will feel the strength and energy begin to manifest itself in what was once your own muscle. Forming a new, higher being then you once were. But be warned, the voice you hear in your head may make you lift more then you actually can. Tastes great, kicks in fast. Good stuff.

Nicholas Cazaerck

I stacked carnage with the non stimulus carnage pump and its focus is unparalleled

10 out of 10

This has the best flavor pre work out I have ever taken.
The ingredients are really good. I can't wait to try another flavor. I would definitely recommend this to anybody.

Christian E.
Ski. Splitting Pump

I have tried so many pump products over the years, and Carnage Pump is tied for the best pump I have ever experienced consistently. Throughout my workout I feel more full and like I can squeeze out another few reps. Stack this with Carnage High Stim for a preworkout experience like no other.

Love it

Kickass preworkout love it💪

Phillip DePante


Carnage-High Stem

Product is great

Excellent Pre

Loved this pre. Energy was great and really smooth. Focus was insane. Can’t wait to try the other products.

Highly recommend

Great pre-workout that gives me alot of energy and focus and the flavor is great as well. I highly recommend this product

Best Ever!!!

I love this stuff. Easily the best pre-workout on the market. I love how long it lasts after the workout is finished. I highly recommend this product

Tried it on a whim

Okay so to me the flavor was not all that, but holy hell the workout sure was. I’m definitely replacing my old pre-workout with this new Carnage.


Way stronger than the last burner I was using. The scale hasn't stopped dropping ever since I added this in

What I've Been Looking For

I've feel like I've finally found the product I've been searching for! Something in here just clicks with my body. I dropped extra water weight instantly, giving me a leaner look. Then as time went on I saw the fat loss I was hoping for. 5 star product!

Fired up

Love taking this prior to my workouts, I sweat like crazy from start to finish!! Makes me feel like I have unlimited energy

Cardio igniter

This is a must for anyone on a weight loss plan doing cardio!! Adding this into my daily routine has spiked my results more in the past few weeks than I ever could've imagined. Seeing the fat burn away week after week, I'll definitely be buying more

Really gets you sweating

I love how fired up I get from taking this. Makes my workouts that much more intense!

Really helps me focus

I bought this for the fat loss benefits but ended up LOVING it for the mental effects. As a student who struggles to focus on their work, this has make a remarkable impact on my studies. I stay razer focused on my work, and losing weight too!

Disappearing Appetite

My appetite is my worst enemy when it comes to dieting. Taking Symbiote has helped me keep it under control and finally start to see some results with my efforts!

The Best Burner

I never want to stop taking it!! I've had a hard time losing weight for YEARS. Recently I started to eat cleaner and started to see some progress but adding in Symbiote was a game changer. The pounds started melting off I couldn't believe it!!


The real deal

I was skeptical before trying this due to my previous experiences with fat burners. I was wrong to doubt! One serving gets me wired for the day, ready to tackle anything. I've also started to see a loss of body fat on my arms which has always been a trouble area for me.

Keeps me on track

This burner has made a huge difference in staying on course with my diet. Seeing the scale finally go down has helped keep me on track with my diet

Helps with hunger

I take it every morning and I've noticed it helps suppress my appetite throughout the day. It's made a huge difference with controlling my eating

6lbs and counting

Just started taking this a few weeks ago and scale hasn't stopped dropping since! Even helps keep me focused while I'm at work. Excited to see how much more I'll lose, will definitely be ordering another bottle to be ready for summer

Intense Preworkout

This workout caught me off guard in a good way. I recommend trying half a scoop first to see how you handle it, but when you take a full scoop you feel powerful. I love using this on all my PR days.