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Francisco Vergara
Carnage Pump

Amazing pumps, will order again!

Love it!!!

It gives me a big boost of energy unlike other pre workouts where I have to double scoop and it tastes great! Highly recomend

Tastes good

And gives me a good pump and great focus

Joe Falco
Really good ingredient list

Works like it should. Well thought out ingredient list.

Jonathan Barrientos


Great pump and focus

Access your tolerance with a half scoop and go from there. Great focus, no lingering side effects hours after they gym.

Par with the Original Jack3d

I have been taking preworkouts for over 15 years so I'd like to consider myself a seasoned preworkout person. My all time favorite was the OG Jack3d (if you know, you know). Time seemed to slow down. My body would just move like a machine. It was incredible. Since then, no pre has really hit that way until I tried Symbiote. My goodness this pre slaps. One scoop and I'm going HAM on everything. Warm up set? TTM. Heavy deadlifts? 1000% yes. Coaching 2 rowing classes then testing my 2K? Hell f***ing yes. The energy and focus can only be compared to the OG Jack3d. Anything else is sub par. This by far is my favorite pre. Spend the extra money and stack this with Carnage Pump. Workouts will never be the same.

Pretty good! Can really feel the pump and energy !

I highly recommend this pre workout !

Good Stuff

Workouts have been more intense and the pump is awesome! Will order again.

Excellent stuff!

I’ve had both Carnage and Symbiote now and Symbiote is the kind of stuff that kicks you in the ass and says “lift those weights you big p****”


Haha that’s right!

Great high stim pre

This pre really gets the job done !

Michael Knight
Carnage Pump, Riot Pop

Excellent stim replacement

Cesar Pineda-Castillo
Awesome product!

Got some good pumps in the gym using this, stacked it with carnage high stim and well... There was plenty of carnage haha.

Adam Ridley
This is The One

Tried them all. This one gets it right. Perfect ingredient profile, no bs, great flavor and mixability. I'll be ordering more.


This has to be one of the best pre workout I've ever used
I'm 51 been working out since I was 14. Tryed lots and lots of pre workout
This by far will be my number one

Epic Greens
DaLee Cetta
Best Greens on the market!

Love these greens! I have tried several brands and this is the best one out there!


My girlfriend and I take this before we go to crossfit and we usually start sweating before the workout you can really feel it. We both love it!

Epic Greens
Eric Spence

Great taste. Great energy

Great stuff killer pump makes you feel like your hearts gonna explode 👌👍👍🤘🏻

Carnage-Blood Cherry Lemonade

Tried many...this kicks azz! 1 of the more expensive but excellent panel!

Great flavor and energy

Great taste long lasting energy to pull me through my workouts

christian gassler
Delecious and refreshing

I bought a container of your epic aminos because a review stated it tastes like country time lemonade. That is absolutely how it tasted. Very refreshing.

Symbiote Thermo - Intense Thermogenic

Crazy STUFF!!!

All I gotta say is don't take 2 scoops or you'll be on a sick one when you take this you'll feel like you can jump and start flying when you lift those heavy weights this stuff right here is no joke

Best thermogenic!

One of the best thermogenics I’ve used!! I can only take in the morning since it’s pretty potent and will keep me up at night if I take it later in the day. It helps with focus and concentration as well which is an added bonus!