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Ashley Hester
Love the hydration AND great flavor!

These aminos were recommended by a friend, and I’m SO grateful. Not only do they help with overall hydration, but they actually taste great too. Will be re-ordering for sure.


This product is great and is one of the best supplements I used in a long time.


This stuff is some of the best thermalgetics and pre work out stuff I tried since back in the 90’s when ephedrine caffeine and aspirin stack was popular. Ya get the same effect but without the risks. Love it.


The taste is a bit like medicine but BOOM, this stuff hits and you are PUMPED for your workout!!!

Very well balanced

Very well balanced Preworkout. Great pump, great energy, all the right dosages of all the right ingredients.

What Tolerance?

Half a scoop had me wired and I had a great pump. Brought back memories of Jack3d which was my first preworkout ever but with a great pump. Usually use a full scoop of carnage and then Symbiote on days when I need almost too much energy.

Epic Greens
Brandon Edmonds

Epic Greens

Sponsor me lol

Love this product

Drew Troglen

The flavor is the Summer Vibes is on point! I can say that with all of the products of theirs I’ve tried so far, the flavor is fantastic.


It’s got legs and you get a great workout.

Frequent purchaser

Been using different pre for 20 years, I have to say I’ve never bought the same one this many times in a row before. Best bang for the buck, and I take it daily.


This is by far the best pre-workout I’ve used. I’m easily getting 2-3 more reps before fatiguing and that tingle itch when it kicks in……money!! Can’t wait to try the Alien Pop

Ronald Lawton

Good solid pumps

It'll GRAPE you in the mouth

As the title implies, I ordered the grape flavored Carnage.

Boy oh boy, was I in for a vicious grapin'.

At 400mg of caffeine, it puts other pre-workout I've had to shame, as well as many energy drinks. I take it before a particularly busy work day and I'm good for the shift. Plus, the flavor is exactly what it says - that sort of grape candy taste which one associates with a Jolly Rancher.

I got graped by Nutrifitt and I loved every minute.

Glad to grape at any time you’d like hahaha!

Good stuff

Not too bad

Awesome fat burner!!


Fuckin love it the best I've ever had. It'll turn you into a beast to kill your workout

Symbiote Thermo

Good product. Strong but not excessive.
Works well to increase energy.

Francisco Vergara
Carnage Pump

Amazing pumps, will order again!

Love it!!!

It gives me a big boost of energy unlike other pre workouts where I have to double scoop and it tastes great! Highly recomend

Tastes good

And gives me a good pump and great focus

Really good ingredient list

Works like it should. Well thought out ingredient list.

Jonathan Barrientos


Great pump and focus

Access your tolerance with a half scoop and go from there. Great focus, no lingering side effects hours after they gym.

Par with the Original Jack3d

I have been taking preworkouts for over 15 years so I'd like to consider myself a seasoned preworkout person. My all time favorite was the OG Jack3d (if you know, you know). Time seemed to slow down. My body would just move like a machine. It was incredible. Since then, no pre has really hit that way until I tried Symbiote. My goodness this pre slaps. One scoop and I'm going HAM on everything. Warm up set? TTM. Heavy deadlifts? 1000% yes. Coaching 2 rowing classes then testing my 2K? Hell f***ing yes. The energy and focus can only be compared to the OG Jack3d. Anything else is sub par. This by far is my favorite pre. Spend the extra money and stack this with Carnage Pump. Workouts will never be the same.