Team NutriFitt Athlete and 80/20 Fitness Founder, Kevin Bazile spent over 6 years observing the habits, routines, and daily struggles of his clients. As time passed, he grew to understand the true formula to gaining results; nutrition, exercise, and accountability. It takes 80% nutrition and 20% exercise to gain and maintain results, hence the name “80/20 Fitness”. Not only do we provide personal training and boot camp classes, but we also offer nutritional guidance. 

80/20 Fitness is designed to cater to the needs of clients fun family oriented atmosphere! We use fun and creative tactics to keep clients engaged during workouts and to encourage meal prepping. Offering a variety of services, including and definitely not limited to, boot camp classes, African Dance, Shopping Buddy, Learn and Burn etc...80/20 Fitness aspires to change lives and motivate all to live a balanced lifestyle. 

Kevin is also training for his first NPC Mens Physique competition.

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 @kevin_bazile  and @80_20fitness

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