During the fall and winter months, zinc is often a point of conversation talking about cold and flu season. While zinc has a great benefit to the immune system, zinc does more than just keep a cold at bay! Regular zinc supplementation may be worth keeping in your stack for a number of reasons.

Immune Function

As it was previously mentioned, zinc is great for improving your immune system's function. Zinc is a key component for necessary immune cell function, as well as immune cell signaling. We often see that those with a zinc deficiency have a weakened immune response due to poor cellular function and signaling. Zinc doesn’t just help fight off the common cold, some data even suggests that zinc can help fight the likelihood that you get bacterial infections.


As gym-goers, acne is something that a lot of us deal with. Wearing sweaty clothes, laying on equipment that hasn’t been cleaned, and friction can all make us more susceptible to developing acne. Zinc has been shown to reduce the growth of certain bacteria found on our skin that lead to acne. Zinc has also been shown to reduce oil gland activity in our skin, helping keep our skin less greasy. 

Decrease Inflammation

Oxidative stress can promote higher levels of inflammation in our bodies. Zinc can help neutralize oxidative stress, reducing the levels of inflammation in our bodies. Excess inflammation can lead to our bodies being sore and bloated, and can lead to chronic health issues if left unchecked.

Healing Speed

Zinc has been shown to play a large role in the promotion of healing skin wounds. So much so that hospitals use zinc as a treatment option for skin injuries like burns. Zinc plays a key role in stimulating collagen synthesis which is a process involved in healing skin, and as previously mentioned, zinc also decreases inflammation.

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