Collagen supplements have been getting a lot of attention in the last year, and for good reason. Collagen is a type of protein, that is the main building block of tendons and ligaments, but is also vital for skin and muscle health. Not all collagen peptides are created the same, there are 4 types.

  • Type 1 Collagen: This is the most abundant type of collagen in the body, and is found in every single connective tissue we have.
  • Type 2 Collagen: Found in the intervertebral disc, which mitigate impact in your spinal column, effectively acting like shock absorbers. Type 2 Collagen is also found in all your joints.
  • Type 3 Collagen: Type 3 collagen is the most common type of collagen in your skin, in structural fibers called Reticular fibers
  • Type 4 Collagen: Type 4 collagen is found in your organs, such as your kidneys, and eyes.

We can get collagen in our diet from foods that contain gelatin, and in the connective tissues of animals. The best dietary sources of collagen come from animal proteins, and bone broth.

The difference between collagen supplements, and dietary collagen, is the fact that collagen supplements are already hydrolyzed. Hydrolysis is a chemical process where protein molecules are split into separate peptides, and amino acids, which are easier for your body to absorb that the large collagen protein molecules from dietary collagen. 

But thats enough about science, what are the benefits of supplementing with collagen?


1. Improving Skin Quality

Collagen is a vital component of your skin. Collagen helps with promoting skin hydration, as well as elasticity. Your body naturally produces less collagen as we age, which is thought to be a leading cause of skins wrinkles we see during the aging process. 

Collagen peptide supplements not only provide collagen for your skin, but promote your body's own production of collagen, as well as elastin and fibrillin, which are structural components of your skin tissues!


2. Joint Health

Collagen is integral to cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, which make up our joints. Like previously mentioned, collagen decreases as we age, which may be why we associate joint pain with aging! There are some trials that indicate supplementing with collagen peptides can reduce joint pain, and off set symptoms of arthritis.


3. Gut Health

 Anecdotally, there are a lot of individuals with leaky gut syndrome who report that supplementing with collagen has helped alleviate their symptoms. Leaky gut syndrome, otherwise known as intestinal permeability, is where your gut is permeable to the point where molecules from your digestive system can leak into other tissues in your body. 

Collagen peptide supplements may help by providing any amino acid called glutamine, which supports health gut function. Collagen peptide supplements may also help by providing collagen proteins to rebuild and repair the structural lining of your gut.

Collagen may be worth supplementing if you’re dealing with any of these issues. As with most supplements, the amount you need will vary from person to person. Anywhere from 3-11g daily is where people start seeing positive results! 

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